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Toi-Moi Wafer

Toi-Moi Wafer

New Zealand Dairy Products Bangladesh Ltd. Hall: Za'abeel 1 Stand: Z1-E45
  • Toi-Moi Wafer
  • Toi-Moi Wafer
  • Toi-Moi Wafer
Toi-Moi Wafer Toi-Moi Wafer Toi-Moi Wafer

Toi-Moi is a premium brand of wafers that are filled with layers of rich chocolate, vanilla & strawberry cream. The crunchy texture with delicious blend of wafer and cream gives your taste bud an intense and sensational experience. Toi-Moi is always a top choice during tiffin. Toi-Moi is equally loved by all ages, from kids to adults. Comes in three shapes- wafer biscuit, wafer stick and wafer roll.

Toi-Moi Barz

The crispy, creamy Toi-Moi Barz wafer biscuit with yummy taste

The flavor of our Toi-Moi Barz wafer biscuit is the classic form of three layer wafer which has been extraordinarily delicious. The secret of this delicacy is based on the selected natural ingredients, devoted preparation and special recipes for the superfluous fine cream fillings. Three light, crispy wafers with two layers of smoothest cream filling are perfectly matched. This means that you and your family will always have the right Toi-Moi wafer at hand. 

It offers delicious flavors of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and so on. These flavor varieties offer moments of pleasure for all palates and are available in many different pack sizes. Best consumed, as a light breakfast or small snack in the afternoon, at home or on the go.

Toi-Moi Rock & Roll

The crispy, creamy Toi-Moi Rock & Roll stick wafer with yummy taste

If you like to take life to be delightful, you should definitely try Toi-Moi Rock & Roll stick wafer. It offers extraordinary pleasure to aware connoisseurs with the smoothest cream fillings and delicate ingredients. 

The tongue twisting varieties of Rock & Roll stick wafer gives you distinctive bites of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and other flavors to twist your mood on the go. 

Available pack sizes:

Toi- Moi Wafer
Description  Type  SKU  Flavors 
Barz Flat Wafer 7g,12g, 21g, 42g, 98g Chocolate,Vanilla,Strawberry 
Rock n Rolls Stick Wafer  6g, 23g, 115g
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