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Al Nafea Foods Company was established in 1975 to import various food products and market them inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For more than six decades, Al Nafea Foods has worked with many leading partners around the world to import various food products such as rice, milk, tea and coffee products, canned goods and many other products that are of the highest standards of quality.


The Headquarters Business Park 46th Flr
Corniche Rd
Saudi Arabia


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  • The basmati rice is characterized by its two flavors, creamy and yellow, its long grain and it goes great with most of your favorite recipes.
  • One of the finest and most famous American rice varieties, with its long grains and aroma, you can rely entirely on its quality no matter what the recipe is.
  • The basmati rice is famous for its taste, luxurious fragrance, and long grains.
  • Al Bakherah offers many choices of food products, which are characterized by high quality and selection of the best farms for production. Products include milk, cream, tuna, peeled tomatoes, and rice.
  • The leading name in the world of food products, which offers a variety of basic food products such as Basmati rice, dairy products of high-quality Swedish dairy farms, canned food such as peas, tuna, ...
  • ALTAIE Tuna- solid-packed in sunflowers oil which are low in calories, rich source of proteins, high in vitamins and Omega 3. Available sizes : 95g ,185g
  • Our story begins from the finest White basmati rice fields in India, where we choose our original long grain ALTAIE, helping each home to express its generosity with an extraordinary aroma and a delic ...
  • ALTAIE fortified full cream milk powder comes from the most reputable Swedish dairy farms who cares usually to produce a high quality of cow’s milk, Milk is an essential nutrient that help you grow, l ...
  • ALTAIE Peeled Tomato come from the finest farms in Italy, to guarantee a whole, ripe and red tomatoes. They can be used to make a variety of dishes.
  • Soup using ALTAIE Peeled Tomatoes
  • Shrimp with Rice
  • Spaghetti
  • Tuna Cup
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