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Basamh Marketing Co Ltd



Basamh Marketing Co Ltd

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-D25
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Madinah Road South Al Andalus District
Naneh Tower Floor # 3 Jeddah
Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia


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  • Jam

    al alali Jam with natural fruit and no preservatives, wide range of flavors; Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Apricot, Orange Marmalade, Mixed Fruit , Pineapple
  • al alali Natural Vinegar, packed from the highest quality sugarcane vinegar. al alali vinegar can be used on salads, food and many others
  • al alali Unflavored Beef Gelatin, ideal for preparation of homemade desserts or for food and dessert decoration. al alali unflavored Vegetable Jelly, ideal for preparation of homemade vegetarian desse ...
  • al alali Pizza Sauce 3 varieties prepared from highest quality tomatoes, herbs and spices.
  • al alali Pasta Sauce with its 3 varieties, prepared from tomato chunks and premium herbs and spices, to deliver the best flavor
  • al alali Ketchup (regular & Hot) prepared from the highest quality Tomato concentrate with natural vinegar , no colors or additives added
  • al alali Tomato Paste, prepared from the highest quality tomato concentrate, no additives or color added, used in preparation of many dishes and gravies. Packed in glass jars allows consumer to use th ...
  • al alali Hot Sauce with natural vinegar, prepared from highest quality cayenne pepper to deliver a special flavor
  • al alali Béchamel Mix considered one of the essential sauces in French cuisine. It is the base for a wide variety of cream sauces, cheese sauces, and white sauces. produced from high quality ingredien ...
  • al alali Vegetable Jelly Dessert , with rich strawberry flavor, ideal for vegetarians, can be consumed on its own, or can be used in preparation of other desserts
  • al alali Gelatin Dessert with 6 different rich flavors, easy to prepare, consumed on its own, or in preparation of other desserts
  • al alali Icing Sugar, is used to prepare wide range of desserts, sprinkle on Mamoul , or in preparation of juices
  • al alali Arabic Dessert Syrup, ready to be used on many of your Arabic Desserts
  • al alali Chocolate & strawberry Syrups, rich flavors , can be added on your ice cream and cakes, and you can prepare delicious shakes
  • al alali Cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate flavor, easy to prepare, ultra moist, liked by kids
  • al alali Muhalabia Mix with the homemade taste, easy to prepare
  • al alali Muffins range prepared from highest quality raw materials, with real chocolate chips and whole blueberry , easy to prepare , deliver homemade muffins in no time
  • al alali Brownies with its two varieties, have rich chocolate flavor, east to prepare , with high quality ingredients
  • al alali Vanilla Powder, used in preparation of many desserts and drinks to deliver the rich flavor of vanilla
  • al alali Cocoa Powder, rich flavor, used in preparation of many desserts and to prepare hot chocolate with rich flavor
  • al alali Basbousah, traditional style recipe, with homemade tradition flavor al alali Dumpling mix , homemade recipe, prepared to deliver crunchy dumpling in not time. al alali Pancake Mix, traditiona ...
  • al alali Cream Delight, prepared from highest quality ingredients , with rich flavor, an fluffy cream
  • al alali Custard Powder , prepared from highest quality ingredients with rich flavor, can be used as pert of desserts recipes
  • al alali Crème Caramel with natural colors and rich flavor, easy to prepare , can be used as part of desserts recipes
  • al alali Pizza Base Mix -Express allows you to prepare pizza in 30 mins, you can also use the same dough to prepare different pastries
  • al alali Baking powder with different packing size 100g, 200g and 400g, Yeast 4 x 11g and Sodium Bicarbonate 150g
  • al alali Chicken Stock cubes in 20g shell box, packed in many sizes. al alali Chicken Stock Powder packed in sachet 18g , easy and convenient to use.
  • al alali Jam, Preserves and Light jam with wide range of flavors and sizes, Available flavors; Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Mixed Fruit, Orange Marmalade, Pineapple, Apricot . All range is prepared ...
  • al alali Corn Flour packed from the highest quality raw materials, used in preparing gravies, and different types of desserts al alali Oats packed from highest quality oats, used in preparing Ramadan ...
  • al alali cake mix with wide range of flavors: chocolate, White , Yellow, Orange, Lemon, Coconut, Pound, Marble, Milk Chocolate , French Vanilla, Pineapple. natural colors used
  • al alali Products are halal and factory product all products is certified
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