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Capi Foods



Capi Foods

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-F1
Founded in 2019, Capi Foods International is a world-leading snacking company with a mission to become an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality and healthy products. As a Manufacturing and Distribution Integrated Business Model, Capi Foods collaborates with global food companies and global leaders in the industry, providing successful partnerships based on trust. Headquartered in the UK, Capi Foods Int. now operates in the US, Europe, MEA, and Asia, and has further cemented its presence in the MEA region by launching new headquarters in Egypt as well as a production facility. Capi Foods Int. prides itself in providing healthy treawits, of the highest quality and standards, filled with nutritious and minimally processed ingredients. We prioritize product innovation while keeping market trends, customer desires, and changing tastes in mind. The quality products manufactured and distributed by Capi Foods Int. are sold over 30 countries around the world, setting the benchmark of healthy and premium snacks not only in Egypt, but across the globe.


D1 building DS7 waterway 5A
New cairo


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  • We created Mill's Biscuits range to enjoy fine delicacy in every bite while using our meticulously crafted recipes with the highest quality ingredients. Every flavor, every ingredient, every step is p ...
  • From its bright colors to its fun shapes, candy just looks like it’s supposed to be enjoyed. And when people do enjoy it, they tend to smile and have a good time. This is why we created Flubby candies ...
  • We created Good Habits to give you the chance to indulge in your favorite dessert and alter your mind and body in positive ways while using the finest ingredients to be able to take the full advantage ...
  • Story behind Boost! We created Boost to raise awareness about health. To be the solution and fill the gap for ​​people who are seeking a healthy lifestyle Boost works as a chocolate replacement, quick ...
  • Mill's creams range includes three flavors: hazelnut sandwiches Biscuits, peanut butter sandwich biscuits and vanilla sandwich Biscuits.
  • Mill's fillies range include 3 flavors of filled biscuits : Fig, apple and cinnamon and mixed berries
  • Mill's plain honey Biscuits
  • Mill's bakes Tea biscuits
  • Mill's wafer range include 4 flavors including chocolate hazelnut, cappuccino, cookies and cream and peanut butter.
  • Gummy bears come in two varieties, including sweet fruits and cocktail drink mix.
  • Soda drinks mix is a mix of soda flavors including jelly cola, vanilla cola and cherry cola.
  • Pink and white marshmallow
  • Good Habits coated nuts range include 4 flavors: Dark chocolate almond, white chocolate almond, milk chocolate hazelnut and dark chocolate hazelnut.
  • Goods Habits nuts bar range include 3 flavors: Salted caramel pretzel almond. double chocolate and dried fruit and salted nuts.
  • Boost Protein balls range include 3 flavors: salted caramel nuts, pistachio and cookies and cream.
  • Boost has 9 flavors: Brownies, cookies and cream, peanut butter and chocolate, cappuccino, chocolate caramel crisp, strawberry cheesecake, s'mores, coconut and almond, cinnamon bun.
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