Caputo - Il Mulino di Napoli


Caputo - Il Mulino di Napoli

Hall: Za'abeel 4 Stand: Z4-F34
Caputo began in Naples, at the very heart of countryside culinary culture.Since 1924, we have worked wheat with generosity and passion so as to offer professionals and baking connoisseurs the very best in quality flour, produced with great respect for the raw ingredients and traditions.The experience developed over three generations of Master Neapolitan Millers means we can guarantee extremely high standards of quality so that expert restaurateurs and skilled artisans can express their creativity to their full potential. The quality and value of our products is recognised and appreciated all around the world, thanks to our ability to preserve the natural authenticity of flavours. This is achieved using innovative processing techniques which still respect all the oldest traditions, which require the use of wheat alone, skilfully selected and mixed using a slow grinding process. Prestige, spontaneity and tradition. This is the art of Caputo, the only Mill in Naples.


Corso san Giovanni a Teduccio 55


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