13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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East Asia Palm Products Sdn Bhd

East Asia Palm Products Sdn Bhd

Hall: Shk Rashid Stand: R-M39
EAPP is an oils and fats company focused exclusively on natural dairy taste. The company achieved distinction in providing solutions to bakery, puff pastry, cakes, culinary and chocolatier businesses. Seeking to create a delectable baking innovation with a defining taste profile, or looking to replace delicate dairy fat, or improve dairy taste, or replace allergen ingredients, or reduce formula costs, or enhance frying-life, or mask off-notes, WE CAN HELP! Experience intense natural dairy goodness in our Oliobutta & Melange Butter, Less Smoke & Longer-Life for our culinary Frying-Fat solutions and our customized solutions that are able to fulfill simpler to complex requirements. At EAPP, there is more to discover. Our Product Range: • Patisserie Fats • Bakery Fats • Viennoiserie Fats (Puff Pastry Laminating Margarine) • Culinary & Heavy Duty Frying Fats • Pan Release Agents • Chocolaterie Fats • Dairy Fats Replacers & Substitutes


1063, Assar Senari Industrial Complex,
Jalan Bako



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  • GlutenTex is an emulsified bread fat offering a superior quality and brilliant cost efficiency for traditional yeast dough, sweet yeast bread and steam bun. Prolonging freshness of bread by maintainin ...
  • Product Code: FRYMASTER DONUT Description: Heavy Duty Vegetable Frying Fats for Donut Packing: 20kg cartons Accreditations: HACCP & HALAL Advantages: A. High Smoke Point B. Long Frying Life C. Reducti ...
  • Product Code: HER80.SF.HARD.BL Description: Multi Layer Laminating Puff Pastry Margarine Packing: 20kg Carton (Bulk) Moisture: 16% Max Aroma: Rich Buttery
  • Description • An UNSALTED BUTTER BLENDS offer an exquisite fresh sweet-cream butter taste; • One to one replacement to traditional pure butter (use as your would normally do with pure butter); • BOLD ...
  • Description • UNSALTED BUTTER BLENDS (Contains 8% Pasteurized Butter) with natural aroma of sweet-cream; • 1-to-1 replacement to pure butter & use as your would normally do with pure butter; • Superio ...
  • EASYBAKE margarine brings out the best for your gastronomic, a staple in your baking studio. This luscious creamy margarine is made from selective blend of vegetable oils and fats. Incorporation of su ...
  • Sir Captain James Brooke, an English trader & explorer who became the first KING of Sarawak in 1842. Unlike British colonial style law enforcements, Capt Brooke applies tradition of Improving Lives, I ...
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