GPR Hazelnut


GPR Hazelnut

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-M42
GPR is a BRC certified Hazelnut and Pecan manufacturing factory, located in the west part of Georgia. The group owns a second FSSC certified facility of drying and storage of Hazelnut in the east part of Georgia. Exporting 2500-3000 MT of nuts products With both factories group is a leader exporter from Georgia and a well known brand worldwide. Available Products In shell Hazelnut, Hazelnut kernels, Roasted Kernels, Roasted Blanched kernels, Roasted Chopped Hazelnut, Roasted Meal, Natural Meal, In shell Pecan, Pecan Halves, Pecan Pieces. The group is exploring its product catalog, available to offer fresh blueberries from its own new manufacturing facility.


Tsotne Dadiani str. 234
Samegrelo Region


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  • Fresh Blueberries Under the brand Blue Bird! Feel the taste of Delicios Georgian Blueberry! Available sizes 14mm and Up. Available packaging: 125g, 250g, 500 g retail packs Delivery: Worldwide
  • TRY OUR –DELICIOUS GEORGIAN PECANS! - INSHELL PECAN - PECAN HALVES - PECAN PIECES - GRANULES We provide the highest quality pecans to the market.
  • In shell Hazelnut 18+mm, 19+mm, 20+mm, 21+mm , Jumbo sizes Hazelnut Kernels 9-11mm, 11-13mm, 13-15mm, 14-16mm Roasted Kernels 11-13mm, 13-15mm Roasted Blanched kernels 12-14mm Roasted Chopped Hazelnut ...
  • Fresh Bluberries!
  • Pecan Pieces
  • Pecan Halves
  • Inshell Pecan calibrated
  • Natural or Roasted Hazelnut Meal
  • Roasted Blanched hazelnut 2-4mm ; 4-6mm
  • Roasted Blanched Hazelnut kernels
  • Roasted Hazelnut
  • hazelnut Kernels 9/11mm, 11/13mm, 13/5mm, 14/16mm
  • Inshell Hazelnut!
  • Press Release - GPR - Georgian Products Renaissance GPR – Delicious Fresh Blueberries For Export! GPR (Georgian Products Renaissance) announces its new fresh blueberry processing and packaging facilit ...
  • GPR – Your Partner in Nuts Sector from Georgia! GPR (Georgian Products Renaissance) announces its new pecan processing facilities and an impressive line of 100% Georgia-grown pecans, considered larger ...
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