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Langnese Honey with a wide range of honeys is leader on the German honey market and it is one of the bestselling honeys worldwide. Our high-quality honey range includes Golden Clear Honey, Black Forest Honey, Acacia Honey, Royal Jelly in Mountain Flower Honey, Manuka in Black Forest Honey, Nordic Treasure - Heather Honey, Ginseng in White Honey and more. The honey farms selected by Langnese Honig supply natural honey from Europe, as well as Central and South America, providing a broad range of the world’s best honey products. Langnese Honig’s quality control begins from the source itself. All the honey farms inspect the honey according to strict criteria before delivering it to Langnese Honig. All the batches delivered to Langnese Honig in Germany are carefully tested again and only approved after this. We use the latest scientific findings and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the quality of Langnese Honig satisfies our own high standards. As the most popular brand of honey in Germany, Langnese Honig, a traditional company, has always felt it is extremely important to offer the best pure bee honey in a consistently high quality.


Langnese Honig GmbH & Co. KG
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  • The food of queens: rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Royal jelly is what makes the queen bee a queen. Fed on royal jelly, she grows into the largest bee, fertile enough to stock an entire ...
  • Langnese Bee Easy. The fastest and easiest way to unbeatably delicious Langnese honey. Forest Honey has a tangy, aromatic and full-bodied taste. It is the strong character of this delicious natural pr ...
  • Two carefully selected premium honeys are combined for the first time in Langnese’s new variety “Manuka with Black Forest”. On the one hand there is Langnese “Black Forest Honey”, which has been well- ...
  • "Some call it Nordic Manuka" This exquisite honey delicacy is primarily collected in selected areas of Northern Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland. These areas are famous for their pure unaffe ...
  • Bringing the Ginseng root and Langnese White Honey together results in the perfect combination of tasteful honey with the extra portion Ginseng. This unique product will vitalize your day, but at the ...
  • Product shown in this video: Black Forest Honey
  • Cooking with Zahra Product shown in this video: Golden Clear Honey and Black Forest Honey
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