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Liwa Dates



Liwa Dates

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-H43
WHO WE ARE Liwa Dates was established in 2006 in the United Arab Emirates. A UAE national factory that specializes in packing and processing all dates products, in addition to providing dates packing services to local farmers all over the UAE, and helping them market their products in a more effective way. An Emirati nationalized company of superior quality and contemporary packaging of dates. WHAT WE DO • We produce all kinds of Date products. • We cater to Supermarkets countrywide and globally. • We provide a wide collection of traditional, leather, and wood gift boxes for Corporates. • We support local Farmers by providing packing services. SERVICES Private Label One of our added values is the customization of dates and private labeling for specialty foods distributors, hotels, supermarkets retail chains &, etc. Packing Services Liwa Dates also offer other services such as Packaging and Dates Care Services for farmers, Dough Processing Services, Storage, and Private Labelling Services. Hotel and Food Service A wide variety of dates and fresh dates, which are served with Arabic coffee, as an expression of deep-rooted Arabic hospitality and hotels, in addition to providing elegant gifts for hotel rooms and VIP Suites. SERVICES Our non-traditional products of dates and palm trees, in general, are one of our most important strengths. We keep providing innovative products and make great use of every part of the palm tree. RETAILS Dates and dates products are available in family-size and small packages which are preferred by travelers, especially in duty-free markets, supermarkets, and groceries. CORPORATE GIFT Gift packs are tailor-made that reflect the requirement that reflects a commitment to quality and excellent taste, making a lasting impression on anyone who receives it.


Liwa Dates
Festival St
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


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  • Your not-so-ordinary ketchup is enhanced with dates fruit as a sweetening flavor and NO ADDED SUGAR, spiced up with natural spices and nutritious ingredients for healthy recipes. It's diabetic-friendl ...
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  • A natural product made from selected Date Seeds grinded and roasted into coffee form granules. A perfect alternative to regular coffee with added health benefits. A rich source of antioxidants and phe ...
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  • A natural product recipe of Date Syrup and Almond combined as a premium quality spread with its own natural sweetness and creamy texture sealed in a metallic twist cap glass jar.
  • Date Vinegar is made from date juice. Allowing its juice to ferment into alcohol then vinegar starter is added and it is allows to stand to convert into vinegar. Natural vinegar is a superior food add ...
  • Tamrella : is produced as a healthy clean food Date Spread, it is one of those sweet fruity spreads that you can use in so many different ways for baking ( as a filling for cakes, pastries, or cookies ...
  • Interview of the CEO of the Liwa Dates Factory, Professor Muhammad Suhail Al Mazrouei, with Emirates Channel to tell us about the dating industry in the UAE, entrepreneurship and national projects, an ...
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