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Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP-F17
LLC “SMART” company is an exporter of products of TM “SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA”. “SAMOBRANKA" is a production company, a part of the "BVK-GROUP" holding, which has been one of the leading suppliers of canned food to all regions of the Russian Federation for 25 years. The total number of items in the distribution assortment is more than 100 items, including traditional canned vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, peas, corn and beans, olives, pickles. TM “SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA" is one of the leading brands in the canned fruits and vegetables market of the Russian Federation, known primarily for its vegetable products prepared in the best traditions of home canning. From 2019 the production of TM «SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA» is produced on its own factory, which was built from “zero”. The factory is located in the Volzhsky city of the Volgograd region, which has perfect climatic conditions for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. Now the production of TM «SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA» is actively exported to different countries, introducing to buyers from other countries a Russian product, which is made according to traditional Russian recipes.


RUSSIA, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk City district, Putilkovo village, Greenwood territory, building 23, floor 4.
Moscow Region


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  • Mini-tomatoes "SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA" are marinated tomatoes of small size, which have become an integral part of the holiday and everyday table. In addition to being smaller in size, they also differ in ...
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes "Honey" "SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA" are made from a special botanical variety of yellow cherry tomatoes. When using the branded marinade "SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA", cherry tomatoes acquire a ...
  • Salted barreled cucumbers have an expressive natural salty smell and taste characteristic of classic barrel pickles, in which the taste of cucumbers is emphasized by expressive notes of dill and garli ...
  • Jalapeno hot pepper is a type of chili pepper that is valued for its unusual taste. The product of "SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA" has an expressive rich aroma, typical for marinated jalapeno peppers. Adding jal ...
  • Assorty of pickled vegetables are a convenient format for those who want to try everything at once. For the marinade we choose only classic home-made combinations, a familiar taste from childhood. Suc ...
  • Marinated cucumbers - are crispy traditional and fragrant cucumbers, which are made from fresh cucumbers. The addition of various spices, salt, a small amount of sugar and vinegar, and dill sprigs and ...
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