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Mashud Agro Processing Food Products Ltd.


Mashud Agro Processing Food Products Ltd.

Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4-C45
Mashud Agro Processing Food Products Ltd was established in the year 2014 as private limited company with a dedication of exporting wholesome Frozen Snacks, Fruits & Vegetables,Biscuits & Cakes. A structured approach is being planned. High quality process is being made. Control is being applied to maintain consistency. And that is the way we propose to achieve our business objective. It’s the members of Chittagong Chambers of Commerce,Bangladesh Agro Processors Associations (BAPA).


221,Gultaj Plaza 7th Floor


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  • Our brand mafco is for frozen snacks and vegetables industry established in 2014.We are successfully manufacturing,processing and exporting frozen snacks and vegetables to our consumers following all ...
  • In 2014,with our brand Hinta,we entered into dry product industry.Here we produce biscuits,cakes,toasts chanachirs,noodles,shemai,spices etc.From raw material sourcing to manufacturing product we main ...
  • Lachsa Shemai is a unique type of sweet dish.It is served as both dessert and snacks item.It has a unique preparation technique.
  • Egg noodles is a delicious snacks item.It is liked by all age of is served by egg and other spices to make is more attractive and tasty.
  • Bhuna shemai is a famous dessert items in subcontinent.It is a common dish during Eid and other festival of different religion.
  • It's very specific Bengali dessert made from roasted vermicelli noodles, spiced milk and cream with oodles of sugar. The Indian equivalent is seviyan, which includes toppings like pistachios and sulta ...
  • Chanachur is a mouth-watering snacks thing. It is exceptionally yummy and individuals love eating Chanachur with tea, treats in their evening snacks. Chanachur is additionally eaten when it is blended ...
  • Bella biscuits is one kind of our traditional biscuits in all over the country.Now a days, it becomes more famous in all over the country .It is first choice as a evening snacks.
  • Tea break cookies jar is served to the consumer as a tea break biscuits with tea and coffee.The jar is also attractive and the taste of the biscuits are also delicious and crispy.
  • Horlicks biscuits is a highly nutritious biscuit which contains Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D equal to 2 cups of Horlicks.It is liked by people of all ages.
  • Coconut Biscuits is a coconut flavoured biscuits which is generally enjoyed with full family during evening snacks
  • Ovaltine biscuits are full of nutritious goodness, made with malted barley and milk, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and with no preservatives. Ovaltine Cookies are prefect, healthy daytime snac ...
  • Chocolate Biscuit Family pack is a delicious biscuts which will enjoy with family during breakfast.
  • Butter cookies (or butter biscuits), also known as Danish biscuits, are cookies originating in Denmark consisting of butter, flour, and sugar.
  • Dry Cake is a traditional Bengali snack, most often served alongside a hot cup of tea. From Hinta, this twice-baked cake is crunchy and subtly sweet.
  • Golden toast is a biscuit having a good taste that will be enjoyed by all ages people
  • Plain toast is a general favorite and goes well with daily evening snacks.
  • Buuter toast biscuit is biscuit with the delicious taste of smooth butter.That will enjoy with tea and coffee.
  • Orange fantasy biscuit is a delicious biscuit for breakfast that will be liked by all age of people.
  • Top salted biscuit is a large diameter biscuit that has a crumbly texture and a salty flavour, which is quite tempting to people of all age groups. It goes well with tea and coffee.
  • Lexus is a nutritious vegetable cracker biscuit enriched with vegetable flakes. First choice snacks for health-conscious people. Exceptionally tasty biscuits are the best partner of tea.
  • Dops biscuits is a crispy biscuits with sugar cristal on the surface of each biscuits.
  • Pro energy biscuits are biscuits high in energy and protein and supplemented with a premix of vitamins and minerals. They are intended for general food distribution and use in emergencies.
  • Karela is a unique vegetable-fruit that can be used as food or medicine. It is the edible part of the plant Momordica Charantia, which is a vine of the Cucurbitaceae family and is considered the most ...
  • Tok amra is a common fruit of Bangladesh.It is also cooked as vegetable.
  • Kakrol known as spiny gourd or teasle gourd, is an underutilized vegetable. Its fruit, young twigs and leaves are used for consumption as well as remedy for several diseases.
  • Pointed gourd is provincially known as potol in both of these Bengali-speaking regions. It is a vital summer vegetable in Bangladesh and in West Bengal. It is cultivated and consumed in every part of ...
  • Bichi sheem is delicious food in Bangladesh. There are multiple ways you can cook Bichi sheem. It is a good source of protein, fiber, iron, and vitamins, Antioxidants. It protects against heart diseas ...
  • Data is one kind of very common vegetable found in Bangladesh.It has a good nutritative value.
  • Bhindi is one of the favourite summer vegetables diet as it grows through the hot months when few other fresh garden vegetables are available. It grows in an elongated lantern shape. It is a fuzzy, gr ...
  • Kachur Loti is a very popular vegetable both in Bangladesh and among the Bangal community in West Bengal. Kachur Loti refers to the tuber stems of the Taro or Colocasia plant (kochu). Kachur Loti is a ...
  • Chitoi Pitha is a bengali rice based steamed pancake that is eggless, need no oil or butter. It is served with freshly grated coconut and some jaggery, preferably date palm jaggery .
  • Puli pitha is one of our favorite desserts of all time. Super easy and quick to make, the results are pretty stunning and not to mention the deliciousness of a crisp pitha that adds to the mix.
  • Rice flour rotis, aka Chawal Atta Chapatis, are very popular in subcontinent. It is super soft, healthy and delicious. They come together quickly with very few ingredients, Rice Flour being the major ...
  • Vegetable Singara is a traditional snack consisting of a thick white flour pastry filled with a light and spicy vegetable filling.
  • Vegetable samosa is a common finger food snacks.It is a common snacks where vegetable filling is inside the pasty sheet.
  • Plain Paratha family pack have 20 parathas.It is a common breakfast item fro all over the world
  • Noon Gora pitta of Mafco is always special because the taste of this savory wonder is something bengali kids grew up with.
  • Dhal puri is a type of Indian flatbread that has become an important part of the cuisine of all over the world.
  • Aloo Puri is basically the definition of a perfect breakfast.Aloo puri is a hearty, satisfying vegan breakfast that is a favorite weekend treat.
  • Mashud Agro Processing Food Products Ltd was established in the year 2014 as private limited company with a dedication of exporting wholesome Frozen Snacks, Fruits & Vegetables, Biscuits & Cakes. A st ...
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