Medbest S.A.


Medbest S.A.

Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-130
Medbest S.A. is a Greek export Company in the category of Mediterranean Specialty Foods that was founded in 1996 by Konstantinos Marianos. The company, values and honors their relationships with their partners, whether these are the growers of our olives in a small village in Greece, business associates, or a customer in a foreign country far from home. The most important thing for the company, is to hold intact the supply chain “from farm to market”, by preserving these relationships through honesty, integrity, and ethos. The main product categories are: • Greek table olives • Antipasti & Appetizers • Tapenades & Spreads • PDO Feta • Extra Virgin Olive oil • Honey • Vinegar • Organic line • Vegan line


282 Kifisias Avenue, Chalandri


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  • “NEFELI” is our house brand and it represents the core values of MEDBEST SA • Authenticity & Tradition • Supreme quality & Consistency • All-natural ingredients • Innovation • Responsibility • Great f ...
  • We are proud to present you our awarded Nefeli Specialty Olive line.
  • Our Nefeli line of condiments and spreads reflects the multiethnic mix of the Eastern Mediterranean and its influence on the local cuisines. We are happy to present you our authentic, traditional reci ...
  • Nefeli Dolmas... Little rolls of savory rice, simmered in sweet onions, seasoned with fresh herbs and hand wrapped in young tender leaves. A wonderful, nourishing and healthy appetizer. A vegetarian’s ...
  • Nefeli Kalamata olives whole or pitted. The King of all Mediterranean olives, and the classic olive for an authentic Greek Salad.
  • We are very excited to present our multi awarded Nefeli Olive line in many different preparations and recipes.
  • This superb fig spread is made with sweet, honeyed, Aegean figs, and has a rich and complex flavor with a spicy twist. The perfect pairing for cheese!!!
  • Part of our corporate philosophy is to support organic farming. We strongly believe that the future of Greek agriculture is connected with organic practices and naturally grown products. We are proud ...
  • This superb extra virgin olive oil comes from the island of Crete, in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is a very aromatic oil, with herbal tones and a delicate peppery (spicy) finish. A single-varie ...
  • Meet our new Nefeli Cocktail Olive line - WITHOUT ALCOHOL!!!
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