13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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Ovostar Ltd.

Ovostar Ltd.

Hall: Shk Saeed 2 Stand: S2-D36
Being a part of the leading European shell eggs producer Ovostar Union Group of companies, OVOSTAR supplies its products to over 50 countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. OVOSTAR egg processing plant is the leading Ukrainian producer of liquid egg products and the second largest producer of egg powder. Location in the close proximity to Ovostar Union poultry farms ensures that only fresh eggs that underwent thorough quality control are used for egg processing. OVOSTAR is a modern production complex that complies with international hygiene standards and food safety requirements. Supervisory authorities carry out regular audits of production sites, as evidenced by relevant certificates and protocols. The plant received permission to export its products to the EU countries and passed the audit of European Commission certifying authority and Bureau Veritas. OVOSTAR accommodates the needs of both Ukrainian and global companies of food industry such as producers of confectionary, bakery, meat and fish products, mayonnaise and sauces, foodservice companies.


34, Petropavlivska str



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  • We are happy to present our recently developed products. The liquid eggs in well-designed eco-friendly carton packaging are practical solutions for professional kitchens in the foodservice. The produc ...
  • Egg powders are the most cost-efficient and risk-free egg product solution for the food industry especially when it comes to scaling effect and high food safety standards. We provide a variety of dry ...
  • Using liquid eggs both whole and separated brings economy, convenience, and safety. All egg products are being pasteurized to ensure food safety
  • Hen eggs are produced at two modern poultry farms with a total capacity of more than 8 million bird places. Our poultry houses are equipped with enriched cages complying with European standards, barn ...
  • The Ovostar Union Group of Companies releases a 6-minute video showing the vertical integration of its production, from the purchase of raw materials for compound feed to the packaging of egg products ...
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