Pasta Zara Spa


Pasta Zara Spa

Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-E15
Pasta Zara is one of the biggest Italian pasta producers and exporters in the world. The offer is equally distributed between the company’s direct production and the purchase with the partnership of the best pasta factories. In this way Pasta Zara can everyday spread the taste of real Italian pasta all over the world. Every year Pasta Zara distributes more than 240.000 tons. Everyday we select the best durum wheat semolina that will become the pasta loved by many consumers all over the world. The heart of good pasta is the wheat semolina’s quality, the know-how and the production of Pasta Zara pasta makers and, most of all, the Italian heritage that has transformed this simple dish in a distinctive and loved element of our Country. Pasta Zara has been the ambassador of pasta’s culture since 1898 and can offer other excellent products that can complete and enrich the pasta experience, its culture and Italian tradition: peeled tomatoes, ready pasta sauces, balsamic vinegar. With just one supplier you have the opportunity to buy the best products in the Italian market and the possibility to discover that taste and flavors that make our “Belpaese” unique. Pasta Zara uses production plants and latest generation technologies in order to guarantee constant quality controls and raw materials’ health standards in every step of the production process. The plants are compliant to quality standards that guarantee low environmental impact.


Via Castellana, 34
Riese Pio X (TV)


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