21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Vandersterre Holland B.V.

Vandersterre Holland B.V.

Hall: 2 Stand: 257

Vandersterre is a Dutch family business. With almost 350 passionate colleagues, we produce, refine and package Dutch cheese specialties. We sell these products in the Netherlands and in more than eighty other countries around the world.

We produce our cheeses ourselves or have them made by sustainable farmers and specialized dairies with which we have worked closely for many years. In our hypermodern packaging plant, craftsmanship has always been at the heart of the way we package our cheese. Our love for cheese is probably our best quality guarantee.

Vandersterre wants consumers around the world to be able to enjoy the best Dutch cheese and cheese specialties.


P.O. Box 57
Duitslandweg 9-11
2411 NT



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  • Landana TRUFFLE & CEP is the newest specialty cheese in the Landana assortment. This Dutch cheese has a delicious taste and impresses every cheese lover with fine ingredients like black truffle, cep a ...
  • Dutch specialty cheese with real pieces of black truffle, a true delicacy with an exquisite flavor for the connoisseur. Landana TRUFFLE goes very well on a cheeseboard is delicious combined with fruit ...
  • The strength of this specialty cheese lies in its spiciness. An exceptional combination of mild Dutch cheese and spicy chili pieces.
  • Strikingly green and a delicious cheese! Amaze your guests with this mild green Dutch cheese with basil and a hint of garlic. Also delicious and exquisite in various dishes, especially pasta.
  • Landana OLIVES & TOMATOES is a Dutch cheese with a delicious Mediterranean flavor, with sun-ripened tomatoes and green olives. Ideal in cold and warm dishes. Great in a grilled cheese sandwich, among ...
  • Delicious mild goat cheese, made from 100% pure Dutch goat’s milk, well-known for its special mild, gentle flavor.
  • The crowning glory of the art of Dutch cheese making. The special maturing conditions give Landana 1000 DAYS its full, rich flavor. The optimal harmony of a specific temperature, a certain humidity an ...
  • Landana Holland Jersey Gouda MATURE has a unique, full-bodied, characteristic taste and is naturally ripened for 16-20 weeks to perfection.
  • Prima Donna maturo – with its robin red label – has an even longer ripening time, which makes fine salt and protein crystals visible. After ripening, the fat percentage of 45% is maintained in the dry ...
  • Prima Donna fino – identifiable by its eye-catching blue label – is a ripe cheese with an unforgettable mild and nutty flavor. Prima Donna fino ripens for several months in a ripening house. In this w ...
  • Landana Jersey Gouda comes from 100% purebred Dutch Jersey cows. The Jersey is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. Small and brown, Jersey cows really are something DIFFERENT, and not just i ...
  • Prima Donna is aged – like fine wine – until it reaches the pinnacle of flavor. For this reason, Prima Donna cheese does not age for a set amount of time, but rather until it acquires a particular fla ...
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