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Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-A4
Wales is home to a dynamic food and drink industry, with businesses ranging from micro, artisan, SMEs to larger multinational companies. Our reputation as a leading centre of sustainable production of innovative and high quality food and drink is becoming well established, at home and overseas. The Welsh food and drinks industry is thriving with the Welsh Government, industry and academia working in partnership to deliver growth. In 2014 we set ourselves an ambitious target of growing the industry’s value to over £7bn, together we achieved – and exceeded – that goal to further develop the global reputation of Welsh food and drink. Our new plan includes ambitious targets on sustainable growth, productivity and fair work. We help our sector to navigate our changing society with a growing focus on data to understand and serve our fluid lives, sustainable responsibility, the expansion of our digital world, elevating our experiences, building trust and living well. We support businesses that have the ambition and capacity for growth and who are prepared to adjust to evolving market demands, and seeking to add value to Wales’. The global reach of our food and drink exports is extensive while at home we are actively supporting the development of local supply chains which minimise environmental impact. We have a generous offer to inward investors in food and drink manufacturing and a large market on our doorstep Wales has a vibrant and diverse processing sector, which includes a vast range of our award winning and Protected Food Name products increasing annually. We have a superb selection of businesses at Gulfood 2022. Please visit: S1-A4 and B2-32.


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