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Yousef Bin Abdul Latif and Sons Agricultural Co. Ltd



Yousef Bin Abdul Latif and Sons Agricultural Co. Ltd

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Ever since we planted our first palm tree in 2010, Yousef Abdul Latif and Sons Agriculture Ltd. (YALA) had one mission: to provide the world with the highest quality, organically grown dates and date products. Two hundred seventy thousand (270,000) palm trees later, we haven’t lost track of this goal. Today, our expansive operations cover over two thousand six hundred (2,600) hectares of green farms in the cities of Al Qassim and Al Madinah across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We cultivate a wide selection of organic dates such as Safawi, Mejdool, Sagai, Anbarah, Khalas, Sukkari, Ajwa, Khudri and Mabroom. Our team of dedicated farmers employs organic farming techniques with state-of-the-art agriculture technology to honor our promise and accompany each date from when they plant it to when it makes it into your hands. As we grew, we have incorporated bio-organic intelligence across all our production lines, securing full organic certifications for all our farms.


4347 Ash Shihiyah Al qassimKSA
Ash Shihiyah
Al Qassim
Saudi Arabia


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  • Safawi dates are mainly grown in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia. These soft, semi-dried variety of dates characteristically identified by their particular deep black color, their length and medium size. Saf ...
  • Sukkari dates have a hard candy-like texture and get their name from their sweet taste, which is sweeter than most if not all the dates. These premium Sukkari have a caramelized, fruity taste and a so ...
  • These golden brown Sagai dates have a mild, slightly dry sweetness to them, with combination of crunchiness and softness. This is a unique two-toned color date, going from medium brown to gold. Sagai ...
  • Ajwa dates have a special place in Arabic tradition, they are known to Muslims as the “holy date”. They are historically hailed as the Prophet’s Muhammad (PBUH) favorite dates. Eating seven Ajwa dates ...
  • Mejdool dates are one of the most popular dates, known for their large size, soft texture, amber color and rich flavor. Mejdool dates have a rich, almost caramel-like taste and a soft, chewy texture. ...
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