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Food security in a changing world



04 Feb 2023

Food security in a changing world

Food security in a changing world

New agritech solutions are revolutionising the industry and tackling issues from food security to climate change. UK companies are leading the way the agritech and agrifood sector has grown in importance over the years, in line with today’s global challenges.


Population growth, environmental change, food security, food safety and geopolitical uncertainty are impacting all areas of the agrifood chain worldwide and call for a new mindset in food production which is circular and regenerative, to lessen the planet’s waste burden.


Across the Middle East, the future of food is changing. The enormous resource and environmental cost of traditional agriculture in a challenging desert environment has led to the emergence of many new agritech companies as well as an unprecedented level of investment in technologies related to agriculture and aquaculture.


The increasing popularity of plant-based diets and alternative protein sources create opportunities that were simply not there ten years ago. The abundance of sunlight to generate power opens yet other opportunities to use technology in farming. And the recognition that our planet’s resources are finite have spurred new ideas and innovations.


Where there are significant challenges, there are also significant opportunities. Support for the agritech sector in the Middle East has grown thanks to government initiatives. These include Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 which places a huge emphasis on sustainable agriculture; Bahrain’s Food Sustainability Initiative; and the UAE’s Foodtech Challenge.


UK companies are collaborating with partners in the Middle East across a number of sub-sectors within the agritech industry. Many more are on the cusp of establishing a footprint in the region, with solutions that could make a significant impact in the Middle East.

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