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Made in UAE: La Lorraine Bakery Group opens local production of bake-off bread products



08 Feb 2023

Made in UAE: La Lorraine Bakery Group opens local production of bake-off bread products

Made in UAE: La Lorraine Bakery Group opens local production of bake-off bread products

In November 2022, La Lorraine Bakery Group officially opened their new plant in Abu Dhabi. To support the ambitious growth plans in the Middle East region in the coming years, LLBG invested in local production in the segment of so called “rustic touch breads”.  

In the Abu Dhabi plant, LLBG produces according to the bake-off technology: the bread is partly baked, than frozen, exported and baked-off at the point of sales in order to serve utmost freshness to our consumers. We ensure a consistent production quality through the use of carefully selected ingredients, state-of-the-art production lines, processes, while we combine large-scale production respecting  traditional-scale quality.

The frozen product assortment exists of 3 product ranges:

- Mediterranean breads

- Taste needs Time

- Baked by you

The “Mediterranean breads” include white, brown and multiseed baguettes and ciabatta – authentic bread known all over Europe for its rustic looks and great flavour. The breads have a thin crispy crust and a long lasting fresh taste.

Along with the Mediterranean breads, in 2023 a new category of artisan-quality bread loaves “Baked By You” is launched into the market: delicious loaves of white and multigrain breads are produced only from natural, high-quality ingredients. The customers can easily bake off the bread at home and enjoy the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. 


Consumers crave for authentic, artisanal products. That’s why we also come up with “Taste Needs Timeartisanal levain (sourdough) breads. They embody everything artisanal bread stands for: it’s bread like bread should be. We, at La Lorraine, use our own signature levains with long maturation times, each with different flours and different ferments. Every one of them has unique taste properties which play a key role in all of our bread recipes. Our Master Bakers are experts at finding the perfect balance for every recipe. They blend and combine different levains in the right proportion with selected flours to achieve a variety of flavours. This is how we create a wide variety of levain breads, each with a unique taste profile: from very mild and buttery creamy flavours to more intense, roasted flavours.


About La Lorraine Bakery Group

Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) is a 100% family-owned Belgian milling and bakery company offering a wide range of authentic, fresh bakery products. Every day, more than 4,800 dedicated employees produce and sell high-quality bakery products to consumers, supermarkets and the foodservice sector around the world.


We are building a leading international company operating in more than thirty countries and producing bakery products in seven countries. We are passionate about growth and have the ambition to transform the bakery market with our long-standing expertise, new technologies and motivated and talented employees. The company operates in four business areas: Frozen Bakery, Fresh Bakery, Store Concepts and Milling.


Our main financial objectives are long-term value creation and qualitative growth through innovation and entrepreneurship. The Group reported revenue of €885 million in 2021.

We aim to remain sustainable and enterprising for many generations to come, with a passion for quality and innovation and truly embodying the spirit of a company that does well for all its stakeholders – so that we become not only a bigger, but above all a better company.


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