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Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry

Fresh meat and poultry sales rose 8.1% this year, equating to an extra ($540.96 million)

Source: Grocery Dive and The Grocer
As the purchase of meats increased, meat-eaters and flexitarians became comfortable buying other meat cuts when their preferred cuts were not available. While it became clear that plant-based substitutes were popular among the vegetarians. 

The fresh meat category was helped by the “halo effect” of lockdown, which resulted in consumers wanting more comfort food. That trend has put meat firmly at the centre of the dinner table.

  • Gulfood is the biggest food trade exhibition in the world, which makes it the most ideal platform for us as we look to expand our distribution of South African wild animal food products, such as ostrich and antelope.
    Charl de Villiers, Marketing Manager
    Game, Mosstrich