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Gabriela Chamorro



Gabriela Chamorro

Gabriela Chamorro

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About Chef

Chef Gabriela is a visionary, Latin American chef with a passion for creating unique an intimate dining experiences. As a storyteller, she takes her guests through a sensorial journey using food as her medium. Having extensively traveled the world and immersing herself in diverse culinary practices, she has finally been able to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef. Initially self-taught and inheriting a culinary legacy passed down from her grandmother, she also possesses a specialization from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, Spain under the mentorship of Dubai based Chef Roberto Segura. The past 6 years have been dedicated to developing and creating healthier version of traditional recipes while, at the same time, elevating them to fine dining level. Her menus are inspired by traditional Nicaraguan recipes and all her travels around the world.


For the past 3 years she ran the acclaimed ‘Girl and the Goose’, a Nicaraguan supper club recognized across Dubai’s foodie scene. Join Chef Gabriela in BOCA in March as she presents her new dining experience, a story of a rich cultural heritage retold through food, color and myth


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