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Exhibitor Brands


Exhibitor Brands

  • Consumer's health is always FGC's priority, the driving force for us to create new quality products. After many years of continuous research and development, FGC has successfully launched 365 Herbal T ...
  • 999 Brand Super Basmati
  • Abest carbonated Juice
  • Ahmed Karachi Halwa Merchant, established in early 1948, are the pioneers of Asian confectionery in Pakistan. we are renowned for the superb taste and quality of our sweets and snacks which are made u ...
  • Al Raed

    Damaco Group Stand: B3-27
    Damaco Foods Dubai has been selling a lot of buffalo meat on the GCC markets for several years. That is why we have decided to develop our own buffalo meat brand. In February 2019, "Al Raed" - which m ...
  • Our First Brand The brand name ALBAN originates from the word “Laban” (Arabic dialect), which means "Milk". Together with LINDA it was our first brand for full cream milk powder in tins. ALBAN nowaday ...
  • Primarily IQF raspberries, sour cherry, blackberry, strawberry, plum, blueberry, forest fruits as well as vegetables – pea, sweet corn, green bean, etc. Products have been packed under the All Fresco ...

    Alamir group Stand: Z6-G18
  • Butter, Creams, Cheese, Creams, Beverages & Milk
  • Skimmed Milk Powder, Premium, No. 1 quality !
  • For our Nutrition products, we have developed the ALPHA-HighPro range as follows: ALPHA-HighPro 80i for Instant Whey Protein Concentrate 80% FOOD grade (blue bag) ALPHA-HighPro 80i for Instant Whey Pr ...
  • AlphaTab-DC This is our only brand for Pharmaceutical grade. The part “AlphaTab” in our brand name is referring to the main usage of this product, which is tablet/capsule manufacturing. “DC” stands fo ...
  • Brand American Mark has made his mark in Local Market, Trying to push in International Market, Frozen Smooties and Cheese Product under this Brand are been deliver and Demand for Smooties are gone up.
  • Instant Fat Filled Powder
  • Antique Brand 1121 Sella
  • Antique Brand Steam 1121 Rice Pakistani Best Rice Packed In Antique Brand Best Aroma Extra Long cooking The world Best Rice
  • Antique Brand Special Packed C-9 Sella Pakistani Rice
  • Apple Brand Cumin Seeds, also known as Jeera, stand out as a premium choice in the world of spices. Renowned for their exceptional quality and robust flavor, these cumin seeds are a testament to Apple ...
  • ARCREMA is a Non-Dairy Creamer, produced by fully automatic processes with high quality ingredients, covering wide variety of regular and functional Non Dairy Creamer
  • Arfoamer is a Foaming Creamer, produced by advanced technology that can create an extraordinary foam. It is formulated to complement well with cappuccino, latte and milk tea
  • Armano

    Amadeus Brands Stand: S2-G51
    Instant Coffee and Coffee Creamer Brand
  • Every day is an ARMANTI day! Since the start of the brand in 1992, many people have been raised with ARMANTI products. Today, we have many loyal clients in different countries that simply will not spe ...
  • Retail brand for Frozen Green Peas.
  • Processed Products , Quality product , Made in UAE, Value for Money , Which is been internationally recognized in Gulf Market
  • MakerMart
  • Irish Cream Dream BELLA, a name inspired by the Italian word "bella," meaning beautiful, encapsulates both elegance and quality. Our 25 kg bags of instant fat-filled milk powder are a product of Irish ...
  • Juices, Nectars & Yoghurts
  • Bi Portakal
  • Bi Cola
  • Everybody loves BOB’s – BOB’S is the youngest brand of NGM International B.V. with a constantly growing portfolio. The main characteristics of the BOB’S brand are the good standard quality and very af ...
  • BOOM

    Soneri Group Stand: MP-G10
  • we sell vegetable oils in this brand
  • Brazilian Chicken
  • Brazilian Duck
  • Brazilian Egg
  • As BRIGHT as the sun! The brand BRIGHT also goes way back. This is the 2nd brand name for our tins, after ALBAN. Initially it was developed for one single client in Africa, wanting blue color (to repr ...
  • La passion de bien nourir – the passion to provide our buyers with good food products, every day and everywhere. The BROLI brand consists of a wide range of different types of foodstuffs that can be e ...

    BRUCE TRADE Stand: G3-28
    BRUCE is a trademark registered by BRUCE TRADE in 2014. It is available in a range of products, including canned foods, pasta, condiments, rice, popcorn and more.
  • Our Champ! This brand is dated from the year 2002 and was developed at the request of a trader for product from the European Union. It is based on the beloved sport, soccer, which connects people worl ...
  • CHATKHAAR has become a premium food brand, selling a diverse range of authentic sauces, chutneys, and pickles made with 100% olive oil. Chatkhaar has set industry standards with its high-quality packa ...

    BRUCE TRADE Stand: G3-28
    CHATO is a trademark registered by BRUCE TRADE in 2016. It is available in a range of products, including canned foods, pasta, condiments, rice, popcorn and more.
  • Chocolate Spread & Flavoured Sprands Brand
  • One of the finest selection of Organic Coconut Products under one roof. From our own farms, processing facilities made with love!
  • We have a coffee range - Coffee with natural additives (the blend of Arabica / Robusta can be selected and confirmed by the client) - it's natural roasted coffee beans with added fruits / berries / sp ...
  • Cozy brand was founded by FGC in 2003. Over more than 20 years of establishment and development, Cozy is currently the Vietnam's biggest tea brand. Cozy's products are diverse, from loose tea, tea bag ...
  • We are pleased to introduce our latest culinary venture, "Criscito," a brand meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience in the realm of savory snacks and potato sticks. Centered around ...
  • Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Vegetable Ghee Yellow, Vegetable Ghee white & Butter

    Damaco Group Stand: B3-27
    Damaco positions itself within the Damaco Group as the most used brand and this within different product groups. Damaco is a food service brand that guarantees quality, sustainability, and diversity. ...
  • As a leading cardamom exporter company from Guatemala, Del Trópico has been a reliable supplier of high-quality cardamom products to the international market for over 40 years. We understand that our ...
  • Del Trópico Farms, is simply a taste of the best green cardamom from Guatemala. We source our products from our farms, which offer the best growing conditions and are committed to protect the environm ...
  • Welcome to the home of puffy dough, creaminally delicious jams and wondrous sprinkles. We believe luck doesn't just strike you like lightning. Sometimes, you've gotta give chance a little push.
  • Vitelco’s convenience line, Duke’s Cuisine, offers fresh, cooked and frozen veal products to the hospitality sector. These are custom selected and portion packed, making them ideal for those who want ...
  • Honey, Jam, snacks etc we do in this brand
  • EB Frozen Food Sdn Bhd was established to focus on Halal surimi, chicken, prawn and seafood-based frozen food products. EB Frozen Food offers fresh tantalizing and delicious seafood-based products wit ...
  • We are proud of our Echte Boter. Pure, healthy, great tasting and prepared with only Dutch milk. 100% butter, in easily recognisable packaging.
  • Vegetable Ghee Yellow
  • "El Maizalito is your passport to the authentic flavors of Venezuela. Sourced from the fertile lands of our homeland, our beans are meticulously cultivated and thoughtfully packaged to bring the essen ...

    Alamir group Stand: Z6-G18
  • Everbest is the leading vegetarian food manufacturer in Malaysia. Find a variety of HALAL vegetarian products, made from non-GMO soya beans.
  • High Quality Milk The milk comes from the cow, which is clearly visible in our FARMER JACK design. But without the farmer, we will not have access to this top quality fresh milk. Farmers are an import ...
  • Fc Black Energy Drink
  • Fc Blue Energy Drink
  • First Fruit

    Laki Stand: S-C4
    Company Laki is engaged in partnership with MPI Fruit company starting production of well-established retail brand First Fruit.
  • GE1

    Generalexim., JSC Stand: MP-H27
    Enhancing the value of agricultural products in Vietnam Contributing to the branding of Vietnam’s agricultural products worldwide
  • GENERALEXIM is one of the leading exporters from Vietnam specializing in potential agricultural products of Vietnam such as herbs and spices. With professional experience and reliable sources, our hig ...
  • An economy range that is designed with great flavor and colour. Genex includes tea that has been chosen for its pure and natural flavor.
  • Glory Energy Drink
  • we are selling Evaporated Milk, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Milk Powder etc in this brand
  • Key to Sucess of Sidco Foods is Brand Golden Fresh, In this Brand Category we are making all Value added Products and best parts is that all products are processed and made in UAE, We also import Froz ...
  • Vegetable oils
  • Gustavo Latte
  • Thanks to its more than 50 years of experience and operational capability, Tiryaki Agro has been delivering agricultural products from the farm to fork safely and healthily. Leaving half a century beh ...
  • The taste of Ceylon tea is unique. Its unique character surprises and attracts true connoisseurs of this ancient drink all over the world. Tasting real tea grown and blended exclusively in Sri Lanka i ...
  • Holland Jersey
  • Hoshay offers an exciting variation of plant-based food, ranging from Ready-to-eat, Western delights to Finger food. Made of ingredients that are rich in nutrition.
  • ITGCOFFEE is a product of Intimex Group - Vietnam's leading enterprise in the field of import and export of agricultural products, especially coffee. With many years of experience, we hope to bring th ...
  • Izhiman coffee chain comany  izhiman family becomes famous since the twenties in trade of coffee .The  products have taken a prominent place in the kitchen of every house and every cafe table in jerus ...
  • Jack Wrestler Energy Drink
  • Khong Guan Group Indonesia establishes its third factory in Surabaya, PT Jadi Abadi Corak Biscuit Factory Indonesia, supported with hightechnology machineries to maintain the quality and taste of the ...
  • JAF TEA is the flagship trademark of Jafferjee Brothers, a family company based in Sri Lanka. From its inception in 1944, it has built a reputation for superb quality and exquisite taste. We are proud ...
  • Brand JBQ - Which it self state as Just Best Quality , This is been developed for importing Meat and Poultry products. This is doing good in Oman and UAE Region. All type of Beef and Chicken cut is av ...
  • As a brand of the Luong Gia company, Jes's is dedicated to selling fruit jellies and dried fruit items that are nutrient-rich and naturally delightful. By using only natural, fresh ingredients like fr ...

    Soneri Group Stand: MP-G10
  • JuicyTea

    FJT Company Stand: MP-F30
    We use an exclusive production technology for our unique fruit tea in premium glass bottles. JuicyTea is tea leaves soaked in fresh fruit juices like ginger / pineapple and a ton of fruit slices added ...
  • Jussvina is one of trusted and steady Beverage Manufacturing Companies in Vietnam. We are well-known for good private label services high quality Fruit Juices, Coconut water, Basil Seed Drink and Coff ...
  • JV

    Virto Group Stand: 606
    Retail and Foodservice brand for Frozen Vegetables, Mixes, Stir Fries and Ready Meals.