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Exhibitor Videos

  • SANDER Group`s brands

    19 Feb 2024 SANDER Group Stand: S-G57
    SANDER Group`s brands
  • Welcome to Golyan Agro Pvt Ltd, where we are dedicated to unveiling products to the world, cultivated in Nepal. From Organic products ranging from Super Foods to Organic Teas, we want to showcase the ...

    19 Feb 2024 Castelo Alimentos Stand: S-I44DD
    History of 118 years of Castelo Alimentos and presentation of the company and products of the largest vinegar manufacturer in South America
  • "Sana foods" for food industries

    19 Feb 2024 Stand: TP-123
    "Sana foods" for food industries was founded with a vision of becoming the top leader in the confectionery industry in Egypt and the Middle East, in the sense of manufacturing the best Oriental sweets ...
  • Tropicool Manifest

    Stand: Z2-C57
    Tropicool Brand Manifesto
  • Company introduction

    Stand: S-H8
    Our introduction video
  • Natural sweetener. Natural sugar substitute. 100% Unrefined & unbleached 100% Free from artificial color, flavor 100% Free from preservative 100% Free from additive

    ARJOUN Stand: R-F43
    Beneath the celestial banner of our ARJOUN lineage, a treasure trove of date-infused creations awaits. Embracing the ancient wisdom that enshrines dates for their celestial bounty of richness in miner ...
  • Delight meets tradition in a velvety cream with a unique aroma and distinct flavor of Chios mastic. Ingredients: Corn flour, Chios mastiha (1.5%). 100% natural ingredients Free from preservatives, col ...
  • Velvety cream with rich aroma and taste of Chios tangerine in its most enjoyable version. Tangerine Pudding. Powder Mix. Ingredients: Corn flour, tangerine peel powder (5%). 100% natural ingredients . ...
  • Prepare quickly and easily a hummus salad or a chickpea spread, with 100% natural ingredients. A quick and healthy meal, for the whole family. Enjoy wherever you are. Powder mix, pre-cooked, ready to ...
  • Prepare quickly and easily a fava salad or a broad bean spread, with 100% natural ingredients. A quick and healthy meal, for the whole family. Enjoy wherever you are. NOT TO BE CONSUMED BY PEOPLE WHO ...
  • Greek yoghurt powder, 2% fat. Ready to use. Free from preservatives. Use 1 sachet (30g) to prepare one portion of yoghurt with the same nutritional value as a yoghurt of 150ml. Other uses: The yoghurt ...
  • BEST Factory

    01 Nov 2023 Stand: Z2-E36
    BEST factory is located in the heart of the Nile Delta in Egypt.
  • Gulare Company Profile

    Stand: Z1-G52
    Get to know us more!
  • Dashi range video

    15 Feb 2024 Speciality Sales Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi multiple products recipe visual
  • Mingalz Dispaly boxes jingle

    16 Feb 2024 Stand: Z6-F60
    Mingalz Cereals (ready to eat) with or without milk.. Made in Pakistan

    Stand: MP-H2
  • Company Video

    16 Feb 2024 Gregor Mackintosh Stand: S1-B4
    An overview of who we are and what we do
  • Kriishi Green Ltd

    16 Feb 2024 Stand: ZP-D43
  • Santa Bremor Spreads

    Stand: MP-B27
  • Dashi order welcome

    15 Feb 2024 Speciality Sales Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi order welcome
  • Dashi Instant Soups

    15 Feb 2024 Speciality Sales Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi instant soups... ready in 10min
  • Dashi chicken powder kid video

    15 Feb 2024 Speciality Sales Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi chicken powder kid video
  • Dashi Chicken powder intro

    15 Feb 2024 Speciality Sales Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi chicken powder introduction
  • Juara Shortening - unboxing
  • Juara Margarine - Unboxing
  • Regalien DBS - Banofee

    Stand: Z1-D11
  • Regalien DBS Egg Toast

    Stand: Z1-D11
  • Regalien DBS Cakoi

    Stand: Z1-D11
  • Regalien TVC HD

    Stand: Z1-D11
    Regalien Durian Butter Spread ~ Melt your imagination ~
  • Haterk Honey International

    05 Feb 2024 Haterk Food LLC Stand: MP-H2
    Educated as a doctor, Samvel (CEO of Haterk Food) aims to provide his customers with healthy and natural food. Haterk Food has experienced rapid growth within the last five years, becoming an integral ...
  • orib ayesh

    Stand: M-248
  • orib ayesh

    Stand: M-248
  • orib ayesh

    Stand: M-248
  • Qitaf c.o

    31 Aug 2023 Qitaf Team Stand: M-H4
  • Profile

    Stand: ZP-H42
    Company Profile
  • This is Unió Nuts

    15 Feb 2024 Unió Nuts Stand: S1-L13
  • FOS Greek Olives

    Stand: S1-H4
  • Karam Coffee

    01 Feb 2024 Karam Foods Industries Stand: Z3-A3
    Introduction to Karam Coffee
  • Hype Drinks & Nutrition

    Stand: Z2-B100
  • Hype x Gulfood'24

    Stand: Z2-B100
  • Hylife Global Food Co.

    14 Feb 2024 Stand: MP-B12
    Vacuum Fry, Dehydrated Fruit
  • Dashi cp

    Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi stable
  • Dashi cp running

    14 Feb 2024 Stand: Z6-F60
    Dashi chicken powder promo
  • SIP SAP organic birch water - tapped not made!

    Stand: S1-D52
  • Kelmendi Brands

    Stand: S2-H13
  • FSL Corporate Video

    Stand: C7-29
  • Shri Balaji Global

    01 Feb 2024 Stand: ZP-G47
    Our company has a strong presence in various regions worldwide, particularly across Asia and Africa. We have been successfully catering to the demands of our clients in these regions, ensuring high-qu ...
  • nati

    Stand: MP-K18
  • A'Saffa Foods

    27 Nov 2023 A'Saffa Foods Stand: R-F34
    A'Saffa Foods
  • The story of cooperation
  • The story of the beginning
  • TOPS Schezwan Sauce ke sath dekhiye Kareena ki cooking ka bilkul alag andaaz! You can Dip, Spread or Cook with this versatile sauce! Now make restaurant like delicious Schezwan Fried Rice, Schezwan No ...
  • TOPS Sauces ki Indian Range ke Saath har din kuch naya banayein! Relish your Favourite Samosas, Delicious Dahi Bhalla, Chatpati Chaat and Super Savoury Kebabs with the TOPS range of Indian Sauces like ...
  • TOPS Sauces ki International Range ke Saath har din kuch naya banayein! Now relish Spicy & Delectable Schezwan Noodles, Delicious Pasta and Scrumptious Momos with the range of International Sauces lik ...
  • TOPS Pickles, Ab 51 Flavours mein! Watch Kareena relishing various flavours of TOPS Pickles. TOPS pickles are made with hand-picked ingredients and are available in popular as well as exotic flavours ...
  • TOPS Sauces ki Widest Range ke Saath har din kuch naya banayein! Dekhiye aur jaaniye Kareena ki cooking ka bilkul alag andaaz! TOPS brings you the widest range of sauces, TOPS Schezwan Sauce, Pizza Pa ...
  • TEAYAN-Exclusive Herbal Tea

    01 Mar 2023 TEAYAN Stand: MP-J2
    Handcrafted teas overview
  • FDO corporate Video

    FDO Stand: MP-E18
    about FDO
  • Jomara Farm - KSA

    Stand: T-F2
  • TEIDA Commercial

    Stand: MP-J2

  • Aregi - Optimum Group

    Stand: MP-J2
  • Barakat Sustainability

    Stand: CC3-1
    Our 99.9% biodegradable, US FDA-certified bottles & caps take a maximum of 6 years to biodegrade. As they breakdown, they convert to 'humus' - organic material - and turn into soil, leaving no micro-p ...

    13 Feb 2024 RABBAANA Stand: ZP-A21

    13 Feb 2024 RABBAANA Stand: ZP-A21

    12 Feb 2024 RABBAANA Stand: ZP-A21
  • La Eva

    12 Feb 2024 La Eva Stand: S-K24
    Beneficio La Eva: A story that shows who we are and what we do, as producers, processors and exporters of Costa Rican coffee, a coffee with natural intelligence.
  • Britannica Drinks

    Stand: CCR-35
    Britannica Drinks
  • uber energy drınks

    Stand: Z2-E3
  • Hannover Gin Rooftop

    Stand: Z3-G18
  • Antonio Vázquez Sales & Marketing Director

    08 Jan 2024 ANTONIO VAZQUEZ Stand: S1-K12
    Antonio Vázquez
  • IOEC

    12 Feb 2024 IOEC Stand: MP-L2
    IOEC Brand Video
  • Vegan products

    Stand: S2-E60
    Our 100% vegan vegetable product range offers a tasty and vegan plus to our fresh cheese filled antipasti. The grilled vegetables are gently roasted and preserved in a delicate marinade of rapeseed oi ...
  • A hard cheese of a special kind is this cheese that has been matured and grated for weeks. As a seasoning cheese with pepper or tomatoes and basil, it is particularly suitable for refining dishes such ...
  • Chutneys

    Stand: S2-E60
    These spicy-piquant, sometimes sweet chutneys are the perfect accompaniment to cheese and are also perfect with fish, grilled meat or as a great component in hearty burgers.
  • How it's made? /Kārums Strawberry/

    15 Dec 2022 Kārums TV Stand: S-H17
  • Kārums curd snack

    25 Jan 2022 Kārums TV Stand: S-H17
  • There are no limits to your culinary imagination. Our antipasti is ideal for refining and as an ingredient for hot dishes.
  • How it's made? /Kārums curd snack/

    25 Jan 2022 Kārums TV Stand: S-H17
  • Six B GulfFood Expo

    Stand: Z6-H47
  • Maheshwari Overseas from India exhibiting various agro commodities at Gulfood.
  • See you at Gulfood 2024

    10 Feb 2024 Stand: S3-B28
    Welcome to MultiMarketing A/S - Your wholesaler in tasteful advertising with a strong focus on advertising water and everything in beverages At MultiMarketing A/S, we are Denmark's leading wholesaler ...




















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