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Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd. - PK



Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd. - PK

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: MP-F18
  • | Beverages
  • | Bottled Water
  • | Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • | Cordials & Syrups
  • | Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • | Tea
  • | Fortified Foods & Health Products
  • | Health & Wellness Products
  • | Spreads, Honey & Jams
With a vision to become global leaders in quality, HRD, R&D, & corporate social responsibility, Qarshi has become a household name renowned worldwide due to its quality natural products. Qarshi lays a strong emphasis on R&D, with Research Division being one of the principal divisions of our organization, along with Commercial, CSR, Facilitation & Strategic Alliances. Alive to changing trends & demands of the market, Qarshi’s commercial division is dedicated to bringing the goodness of nature to the consumer in form of more than 300 Quality Natural Medicines, Health Supplements, Refreshing Syrups, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Natural Mineral Water, Food & Farm Products. As responsible corporate citizens, we are actively contributing in health, education and social sectors. In this regard, we have also laid the foundation for Qarshi Knowledge City, set to become the largest education base of the country, to help realize our objectives of a healthier & happier Pakistan.


15 G Gulberg III Lahore
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Exhibitor Products

  • Arqiat

    22 Dec 2023
    Qarsh Arqiat, crafted by Pakistan's leading brand with a commitment to quality. This exquisite blend features distillates of natural herbs, drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of Ancient Greek medicine. Trusted by modern physicians, Qarsh Arq ...
  • Natural Herbal Syrups

    22 Jan 2024
    Qarshi’s Research & Development Department has prepared these quality syrups on the most advanced technical plant in compliance with health and safety measures.
  • Qarshi KARE Health Supplements offer a diverse range of premium products dedicated to health and wellness. From Cardio Vascular Care to Gestro Hepatic Care, Skin Care, Bones and Joints Care, Urogenital Care, Female Reproductive Health, and more, each ...
  • Rose Water

    22 Dec 2023
    Introducing our premium 100% Pakistani Rose Water, a time-honored elixir crafted from the finest roses cultivated in the lush fields of Pakistan. This exquisite distillation is a testament to the rich heritage and pristine natural resources of the re ...
  • Sharbat Toot Siah

    22 Dec 2023
    Introducing "Sharbat Toot Siah Syrup" – a premium, 100% Pakistani product crafted to address the discomfort associated with throat ailments. Enriched with the goodness of Toot Siah (black mulberry), this syrup is a testament to the healing power of n ...
  • Oils

    22 Dec 2023
    Introducing our premium Almond Oil, a high-quality product crafted exclusively from 100% Pakistani almonds. This natural elixir is a versatile solution, providing a myriad of health benefits rooted in traditional remedies. Our Almond Oil is meticulou ...
  • Marmalades

    26 Dec 2023
    Qarshi, a renowned name in the realm of herbal and natural products, presents its exquisite Ginger Marmalade—an artful blend of tradition and contemporary quality standards. This unique marmalade embodies the rich heritage of Qarshi, showcasing a com ...
  • Preserves

    21 Dec 2023
    Qarshi Preserves, a 100% natural and 100% Pakistani creation, are a testament to the essence of pure indulgence. Sourced from the real heart of Pakistan, our preserves are made from hand picked gooseberries, ensuring an authentic and wholesome experi ...
  • Refreshing Syrups

    22 Dec 2023
    Qarshi's ready-to-make refreshing syrups boast a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, each meticulously crafted to perfection. Embrace a sensory journey as our commitment to quality ensures that every sip is a celebration of the finest and freshe ...
  • Ispaghol Husk

    26 Dec 2023
    Qarshi Ispaghol is a natural fiber product derived from high-quality Psyllium husk, renowned for its therapeutic properties. This hygienically processed dietary supplement exemplifies excellence in quality, providing a reliable source of fiber for va ...
  • Johar Joshanda

    26 Dec 2023
    Qarshi Johar Joshanda Herbal Tea is simple, effective yet it imparts freshness, calmness, and delightful aroma with warmth in every sip. Johar Joshanda is available in four variants Chocolate, Pure Honey, Sugar-Free and Zinc.
  • Jams

    21 Dec 2023
    Qarshi Jams extends a cordial invitation to savor the pure essence of fruits encapsulated in every spoonful. Meticulously crafted with care and precision, this jam stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to produce a product that not only ...
  • Jam-e-Shirin

    22 Dec 2023
    Introducing Jam-e-Shirin, a premium and invigorating syrup crafted with utmost care and devotion from the essence of 100% Pakistani natural herbs. This exceptional concoction stands out as a testament to quality, as it is meticulously produced withou ...

Exhibitor Brands

  • Qarshi Health & Wellness, a sanctuary for overall well-being, introduces an extensive array of products designed to enhance your health journey. From Health and Wellness essentials to Kare Health Supp ...
  • Qarshi Johar Joshanda Herbal Tea is simple, effective yet it imparts freshness, calmness, and delightful aroma with warmth in every sip. Johar Joshanda is available in four variants Chocolate, Pure Ho ...
  • Jam-e-Shirin is a delightfully refreshing pleasant tasting and efficacious syrup made from distillates of natural herbs without using a single drop of water.

Exhibitor Videos

  • Qarshi Johar Joshanda - Best of Asia

    19 Jan 2024 Qarshi Industries
    Qarshi Johar Joshanda Herbal Tea, stands as a formidable solution to combat the effects of climatic changes. Recognized globally for its excellence, it holds the prestigious title of being the best in ...
  • Qarshi Jam e Shirin - Lemon

    22 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
    Enhance your Jam e Shirin experience with Qarshi's refreshing twist – simply add a squeeze of lemon for a burst of delightful flavour. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients, Qarshi Jam e Shirin offers ...
  • Qarshi Johar Joshanda

    22 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
    Keep yourself protected from seasonal cough, cold, and flu by adding Qarshi Johar Joshanda to your daily routine.
  • Stay hydrated and energized naturally with Pakistan’s only Natural Mineral Water, sourced directly from the foothills of the Himalayas!
  • Qarshi Jam e Shirin - Quality

    27 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
    Everyone No. 1 Favorite drink, 100% natural ingredients sey bana - Qarshi Jam–e–Shirin!
  • Qarshi Johar Joshanda - Khayal Rekhnay Ki Adat

    27 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
    The way you care for your loved ones and keep them protected from climatic changes, similarly Qarshi Johar Joshand protects from seasonal factors.
  • Qarshi Ispaghol Husk

    27 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
    Qarshi Ispaghol is a natural fiber that comes from a fine quality Psyllium husk and is packed in hygienic conditions so as to give you a high-quality product.
  • Qarshi Rose Water

    27 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
  • Qarshi Mulberry Syrup

    27 Dec 2023 Qarshi Industries
    Qarshi Sharbat Toot Siah is made with all natural ingredients. We follow Strict quality standards for all our natural products.

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