16 - 20 FEBRUARY 2020


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Tastes of The World

Tastes of The World

Tastes of the World is the most creative multi-sensory culinary experience, where the culinary world will come together once more, with Michelin Star Chefs and renowned celebrity food avant-gardists to experience the stand-out cuisines and flavours of four continents, over 20 countries during 5 days of demo’s, tasting sessions and masterclasses.

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Bringing international flavours to Gulfood

Elena Arzak, 3 Michelin Star


Paco Pérez, 2 Michelin Star


Sergey and Ivan Berezutsky

Elena Arzak was born into a family that has cooking in its blood, and is destined to succeed the world-renowned Juanmari in the family’s restaurant, Arzak, the first Basque establishment to be awarded three Michelin stars. In collaboration with her father, and with Xavi Gutiérrez and Igor Zalakain, Elena devises new recipes, experiments with surprising combinations and works on textures which she then transfers to the tables in the hope of arousing the interest of her customers.
Miramar and Paco Pérez cannot be understood without considering what surrounds them and gives them meaning. Paco's culinary philosophy has turned the Miramar in Llançà (Girona) into a place of pilgrimage for contemporary gourmets worldwide. In what has always been a family business, Paco currently boasts two Michelin stars, focussing on a cuisine with roots and proximity in which creativity and the search for unknown horizons flood every dish. The influence of these surroundings is not just felt in the restaurant.
Twin brothers Sergey and Ivan Berezutsky are at the forefront of Russia’s modern culinary movement. Sleek and stylish Twin Gardens is listed 19 among The World’s 50 Best restaurants. Around 70 per cent of the menu is fed by produce from their own farm. They reinterpret Russian cuisine and highlight the country’s pantry of ingredients while kneading modernity and contemporary techniques into their country’s gastronomy.

Treat your special guests to an exclusive fine dining experience

Twenty FiveNew and exclusive for Gulfood’s 25th edition this year, Twenty Five is an exclusive fine dining experience of the utmost sophistication and innovation where 20 premium covers will be prepared live by celebrity local chefs for selected guests and exhibitors. 

Join The Tastes Of The World For:

Live Demos & Masterclasses:

Each day, celebrity chefs will prepare a range of ethnic dishes using unique fusion and contemporary cooking methods while focusing on surprising ingredient combinations and innovative new techniques.

Incredible Ingredients:

A tasting session of new generation ingredients that have the power and nourishment to sustain the human race in the future and a place to network among top chefs.

Bar 2.0:

Masterclasses and live demonstration using new-age ingredients and innovative technologies to elevate the everyday cup of coffee and the vibrant mocktail concoction.

Robotic Kitchen:

The ultimate man vs. machine kitchen face-off as AI and robotic arms perform live demonstrations and masterclasses in an automated kitchen alongside some of the world’s most celebrated chefs.

Hydroponic Kitchen Garden:

Dedicated to sustainability and vegan cuisine, this integrated kitchen is equipped with alternative cooking systems and hydroponic produce for the live preparation of raw vegan dishes.

Gulfood International Culinary League:

In its 2nd edition, steered by the expertise of some of the most revered chefs on the planet, this global-scale food celebration returns with a twist: craft dishes with the most sustainable ingredients and innovative food preparation methods.

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