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A.P.C.I. Pindos

A.P.C.I. Pindos

Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-F23

In 1958, at the urging of the World Council of Churches, a group of seven individuals decided to get involved in poultry farming and founded the Agricultural Poultry Cooperative of Ioannina (APSI).

The cooperative was officially approved on 23 May 1958 by Agricultural Ministry decision 79846/19605. The purpose of the new cooperative was to develop poultry farming in Epirus in order to supplement the income of livestock farmers.

In the first year, the cooperative employed 2 people and produced 500 chickens/week. The more substantive work of the cooperative began in the 1960s, when the first hatchery was built, along with the first feed mill and the first poultry slaughterhouse.

Production increased in the 1980s as new members joined and facilities were modernised.

A new slaughterhouse was built in 1990, with a capacity of 8,000 chickens/hour.

A new hatchery was built in 1995 with a capacity of 600,000 eggs/week.

In 1996, a new facility was built to produce ready-cooked chicken products.

In the 1990s, the cooperative set a goal of directly distributing its products to points of sale and began to establish branches and distribution centres throughout Greece. There are currently 15 such centres. The first branch opened in Thessaloniki.

In 2000, a new feed mill was built with a capacity of 20 tonnes/hour, which was increased to 40 tonnes/hour in 2006.

In 2001, the SYNKO S.A. poultry farming company was acquired and renamed AGROZOI S.A., as the cooperative expanded outside the boundaries of Ioannina Prefecture and started making its presence in the poultry farming sector widely known.

In 2003, a facility was built to produce organic humate fertilisers from poultry litter.

In 2008, a production and storage facility was built for frozen products.

Finally, in 2014, the expansion of the hatchery was completed, doubling its capacity to 1,200,000 eggs/week.


industrial area of Ioannina, Rodotopi



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