21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Avenatop S.A.

Avenatop S.A.

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-H6

Avenatop S.A. is part of the Chilean holding Empresas Agrotop. As the largest oat exporter in Latin America. Avenatop buy the raw material from more than 500 farmers in southern Chile, storing and processing and exporting oat groats (KDHOs), quick oat, rolled oat, oat flour and steel cut oat, as well as sweet lupins to 30 countries. The company handles high quality standards. Our clients use the products for packing it for retail, muesli production, granola and granola bars production, as well as bakery
and different food ingredients. Avenatop is certified under BMP, HACCP, Kosher, Halal and SMETA.


Ruta 5 Sur 2735
Padre de las Casas



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  • Oat flour is obtained through a fine ground of kiln dried hulled oats or flakes. 
  • Baby oats are obtained from the selection of small sized steel cuts that are thin flaked. Baby oats are small and easy to prepare in different uses. 
  • Instant Oats are obtained from steel cut oats that experience a flaking process. The inly difference between quick oats and instant oats is that this second is flaked to a thinner thickness to facilit ...
  • Quick oats are obtained from steel cut oats that experience a flaing process. This product is normally thinner (0.50-0.68mm) and smaller than rolled oat. Is the oat product with the highest demand in ...
  • Rolled Oats: This product is obtanied by flaking the whole KDHOs (without cutting it) using a special flaking mill. Through this process, we obtain a large sized oat flake with a thickness that will d ...
  • Steel Cut Oats (Irish Oatmel): Dehulled, cooked and kiln dried oat grains cut into 2-3 mm in lenght for easy moisturizing when cooking. 
  • Kiln Dried Hulled Oats (KDHO´s): Clean,dehulled, cooked and kiln dried oat grains. This process ensures a long shelf life of the product and its typical toasted /nutty flavor.   
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