21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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PT. Makmur Artha Sejahtera (Makmur Group)

PT. Makmur Artha Sejahtera (Makmur Group)

Hall: Shk Rashid Stand: R-L43

Established in 1997, PT.Makmur Artha Sejahtera began its business by manufacturing and marketing Jelly products, which vary in types and packaging. the product's prices are considerably affordable to Indonesia market.

In just almost a decade, with the company ongoing expansion, the product varieties also grow accordingly Today, beside Jelly product, PT. MAKMUR ARTHA SEJAHTERA also produces range of drinks products in variety packaging and flavors. This addition undoubtedly balanced with the growth of marketing area coverage, which has covered nearly all areas in Indonesia.

With highly supporting partners, such as the Banks, suppliers, customers and other parties, PT. MAKMUR ARTHA SEJAHTERA to constantly provide the best service and quality towards its customers. As a result, PT. MAKMUR ARTHA SEJAHTERA recognized as one of the top 5 company of Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) 2006 by SWA Magazine.


Desa Astapada Blok Nambo Kabupaten



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  • Netto per pcs: 180 ml Packaging: 24 cups per carton carton size: 0,33 m x 0,23 m x 0,11 m
  • Nata De Coco Flavor: 1. Bubble Gum 2. Guava 3. Yogurt  
  • Donald Big Stick Jelly / Pudding: Netto per pcs: 30 gr
  • Netto per pcs: 14 gr Packaging: Bulk Pack 2 kg Carton Size: 0,258 m x 0,180 m x 0,100 m
  • Netto per pcs: 75 gr Packaging: 24 pcs x 6 Tray / Carton Carton Size: 0,480 x 0,310 x 0,22 m
  • Netto per pcs:26 gr Packaging: 4 pcs x 30 Layer / Carton Carton Size: 0,380 m x 0,170 m x 0,150 m    
  • 1. Fruity Cup Layer 2. Fruity Cup Pack 3. Fruity Cup Tissue Container
  • Cheery Robo Kidz Jelly Drink Flavor: 1. Orange 2. Strawberry 3. Grape 4. Mango  
  • Donald Jellvit Jelicious Drink Flavor: 1. Strawberry 2. Grape 3. Mango 4. Lychee
  • Netto per pcs: 32 gr Packaging: 10 pcs x 15 Pack / Carton Carton size: 0,145 m x 0,185 m x 0,210 m
  • Donald Jelly Gum Blue

    13 Jan 2020
    Chewy Jelly Premium Quality Flavor: 1. Bubble Gum 2. Yogurt 3. Cola  
  • Fruity Chewy Jelly Premium Quality Flavor: 1. Strawberry 2. Grape 3. Lychee
  • Jelly, Pudding, Drink, Frozen Drink
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