Health, Wellness & Free-From


Health, Wellness & Free-From

Health & Wellness globally is forecasted to grow at 3% over the next five years. CAGR between 2017 and 2022 in the MENA region is higher, at 7% over the same period. Mindful eating is one of the latest shifts in consumer food and drinks perception. This is all about experiencing food more intensively, which involves bringing attention to all the smells, tastes and feelings that arise during the process of eating. This trend is happening mainly in developed countries and directly links with the large number of consumers scrutinizing ingredients lists in supermarkets. Consumers are more aware of what is included in the products than ever before. This is influencing purchase decisions, as these consumers look for minimally processed and natural food and drinks options, in line with the clean label trend.

Free-From in the MENA region, however, is still a relatively niche category. The key consumers of these products are those who deem the health component of the product proposition more important than intolerance. For example, gluten-free products are more commonly seen as healthier food options, rather than made specifically for those who are genuinely gluten intolerant.

Health & Wellness, including Free-From, has thus a huge potential in the Middle East and North Africa region as more consumers become more aware of the benefits.


*Source: Euromonitor International

"So many people are now taking a proactive approach to their health, looking at their blood sugar levels etc. and it was good to witness a direct response to this trend. The exhibition has given a voice to healthy products."

Jenery Lim, General Manager, Benevelle, Philippines

Key trends and sales drivers include:

  • There is an increasing desire for whole foods, ancient grains, green tea and plant-based proteins from nuts and seeds, as well as ingredients with particular health functionality.
  • Vegan and gluten free products along with plant based proteins
  • Products with low calorie options
  • Products with no ÔÇťartificial" ingredients including sweeteners
  • Longevity foods such as avocado oil and dragon fruit

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