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Fats & Oils

Fats & Oils

Olive oil, meanwhile, tops the list in every country for impact on purchase and perceptions of healthfulness in packaged foods, followed by fish and avocado oils. 

Most consumers (68%) across the world closely monitor the type and amount of fat and oil in their packaged food, according to a recent global study from Cargill.

93% were aware of omega-3s, which is an important nutrient with many health benefits some consumers don’t get through their typical diet. In most countries, an organic certification on a label is more impactful on purchasing decisions versus a non-GMO verification.

Studies confirm that consumers track what goes into their bodies by closely reading labels of packaged foods, with fat and oil type as strong purchase consideration factors.

Source: Food Navigator

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2020 exhibitors in the Fats & Oil sector

  • Established in 1997, ADVOC is the first edible oil refinery and manufacturer of edible fats in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADVOC is also the newest and one of only three fractionation plants in the enti ...
  • Alhatoglu Olive Oil Factory, which has been active in the Turkish Food Industry since 1998. The factory has 10.000 m2 the covered area with 1.500 m2 loading area and located in Akhisar, Manisa, Turkey ...
  • Asdrubal

    Stand: ZL-B5
    Fourati Group is deeply connected to its subsidiary companies just like the unique root structure of the olive tree, Since 1909. Fourati Group has grown tremendously over the years with seven active s ...
  • Founded in 1996, Pamyag started its activities by producing raw cotton oil and bagasse from cottonseed. It started producing neutralized cotton oil and refined food oil after establishing its refinery ...
  • Bijak

    Stand: Z3-B47
    Bijak is India's largest digital trade platform for agricultural commodities, enabling transactions worth USD 200M+ across 100+ commodities, and is backed by top global investors, including Sequoia, O ...
  • Bizerta Agri Industry is dedicated to the packaging and commercialization of different categories of Olive Oil. We are synonymous with quality, experience and innovation. Throughout the whole harvest ...
  • Dominium

    Stand: Z3-D8
    The “Dominium, by Jugurtha Olive Groves ”Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the heart of the Haut tell geographical area of northwestern Tunisia, in Le Kef Governorate, at an altitude reaching more ...
  • ELITA GIDA is amiral company of group with annual 120.000 tons vegetable oil production, exports refined sunflower and corn oil to more than 90 countries with its own brand and private label in a wide ...
  • Enka International

    Stand: Z3-B42
    Enka International is an importer, exporter, distributor and producer offering Turkey’s top brands within food segment and FMCG product category. Enka International is distributing over 20 products to ...
  • Greci's production experience has deep and old roots: it was founded in 1923. Greci sets itself as specialist in food service products. Greci’s plant is in Parma, Italy. Prontofresco is the historical ...
  • We came to Gulfood in search of top quality ingredients to prepare our products and have been impressed by the diverse range of things to choose from. We’re have plenty of options to explore ways of enhancing our products.
    Arshad Safwan, Al Khatir
    Saudi Arabia

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