21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • A soothing beverage that’s renowned for a plethora of health benefits
  • The Supreme Big Leaf Pure Ceylon Tea creates a delicate brew with a tantalizing aroma
  • This elite tea has an exclusive leaf appearance and is enjoyed by many who treasure the aroma and flavour of high quality full leaf well twisted Orange Pekoe tea. This tea has a pleasant but mild tast ...
  • Medium size leaf with a longer tip that gives a mellow and flavoursome come of tea
  • Embrace the chills of winter with a steaming cup of tea from the Shere Winter range, one that’s assured to invigorate you from the inside and out ! 
  • Infused with natural fruit and flower pieces within superior quality black tea, the Shere Tea Taste of Joy Gift Pack is happiness in a cup – literally!
  • A refined taste, a magical beverage with nature’s finest gifts in perfect synergy with Tea. This elegant gift tea pack carries two types of exclusive teas. Black tea mixed with Fruits and Herbs. Awake ...
  • The Story of Tea  .. Good seasons start with good beginnings. Start yours with Shere Tea.
  • A subtle blend of pure Ceylon full leaf tea that presents you a soothing cup of tea to make your teatime specia
  • A unique blend of pure Ceylon tea that presents you an invigorating and strong cup of tea
  • Lutosa proposes a wide range of frozen French Fries and cutsizes: - Fries for the Fryer - 2-way-cook Fries - NEW DIPSTERS - 3-way-cook Fries - Coated Fries - Spicy & Seasoned Fries - NEW CAJUN FRIES - ...
  • Lutosa has a wide range of potato specialities: - Cut Potatoes (Cubes, Wedges, Roast Potatoes, Slices...) - Cut Potatoes with a Flavoured Coating (Spicy Wedges, Garden Wedges, Herby Diced Potatoes) - ...

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