21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Lutosa is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of organic fries and potato specialities. The organic range is primarily made from organic Agria (or similar) potatoes grown without chemical pesticides ...
  • Dip’n’Eat: a proven trend in tapas culture! Our finger foods are real bite size and have a true potato taste. Brand new are the Spicy Noisettes: a spiced-up version of the classic Noisettes. Who dares ...
  • Helpful in indigestion and activates liver function
  • Helps to regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Boosts energy. Strengthens body. Increases appetite
  • A useful digestive. Anti colic combination for babies
  • Helps to remove toxins from body
  • Helps in generating red blood cells (RBCs) and restoring vitality
  • A nutritive remedy for brain and nervous system.
  • Sualin provides natural relief from sore throat, tonsillitis, hoarseness of voice and cough. It eases cold and cough with mucolytic effects

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