21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Vivi honey comes in packing of Octa Pet in 125gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg.
  • Mak-C Ice Tea is the ideal product for eneryone looking for a refreshment with 4 flavours: Mango, lemon, peach and raspberry.
  • Panteley Toshev is actively working on this challenge since several years already which gave us a competitive edge to develop a comprehensive solution that addresses all consumer concerns on this stra ...
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  • Netto per pcs:26 gr Packaging: 4 pcs x 30 Layer / Carton Carton Size: 0,380 m x 0,170 m x 0,150 m    
  • Stone Flower (Botanical Name: Passiflora Foetida) It is a soft brown and black coloured lichen that gives the signature black color to various masalas like Goda Masala/Kala Masala. It has a strong ear ...
  • Our delicate and fragrant apple vinegar spends a long aging period in barriques. This time spent in resting slowly results in the presence of slight notes (sometimes of honey) and at the same time int ...

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